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18 December 2008


Before (May 2006)

After (November 2008)

Terengganu, Kuantan, KL (9Dec- 10Dec2008) Part 2

At last, we reached Kuantan at 9pm. After a dinner of (what else)-Roti Canai & Maggi Sup, we were looking for a place to stay. Yasmin had TWO request-WIFI and Swimming Pool....While waiting for daddy we went to Berjaya Megamall Kuantan for a movie. We watch "BOLT". It was fun but Lala sleep halfway through the movie.

Before heading back to KL, we stop by Pantai Teluk Cempedak. Yasmin continue collecting seashells. Then she bought a key chain .The seller can engraved our name on the key chain. Of course Lala want one too. And hers is green colour...

Terengganu, Kuantan, KL (9Dec- 10Dec2008)

On the second day of Raya Haji, we left Kelantan and headed to Kuantan cos dad had a meeting. On the way, we stop by the beaches along Terengganu coast. Yasmin & Lala had fun looking for the seashells. And also, there's yummy Keropok Lekor which Yasmin loves very much.

On mum's request we went to Taman Tamadun Islam in Pulau Wan Man to visit the new attraction. We had so much fun there looking at the models of mosque from all over the world. The weather was good. It was cloudy but it wasn't raining.

16 December 2008

Raya Haji @ Kelantan Part 3 (5Dec-10Dec2008)

This playhouse was bought by mummy 12 years ago for Ucu. She kept it very well and now it was passed on to Yasmin. Everytime Yasmin went back to Kelantan, she will play with this playhouse. No one can take even the smallest part of this house outside Ucu's room. That's the rule.That is why it lasted this long.....

Raya Haji @ Kelantan Part 2 (5Dec-10Dec2008)

Pictures taken on the morning of Raya Haji

Raya Haji @ Kelantan Part 1 (5Dec -10Dec2008)

Yasmin & cousins playing around nenek's house.

It was Yasmin's birthday on the 6th. So despite the heavy rain, we went to look for her birthday cake. Of course Lala also want one. Yasmin choose the SPONGEBOB cake and for Lala, we bought the MICKEY MOUSE cake. But Lala insist that Spongebob is hers. She wanted both cakes, all the deco & insist that it was her party. So we just let her believe so. It was a great get-together for Yasmin and all her cousins cos some of them, she only sees them once a year.

Lala can never leave her milk bottle.

After coming back from Kluang, we were in Sbg Jaya for 3 days. Then we went back to Kelantan again. This time for Raya Haji celebration. The picture above was taken during our short break along the Gerik-Jeli highway.

Trip to Kluang (30 Nov -1st Dec)

We went back to Kluang (dad's hometown) to visit Nenek,moyang and Atuk Ali. While in Kluang it's a MUST that dad must bring Yasmin & Lala to Gunung Lambak for a swim. It was raining on Saturday so dad had to bring them on Sunday, just before leaving for KL... And Lala just wanted to play near the frog cos it's GREEN. Her obsession of anything and everything GREEN is still going strong...
This is Yasmin & Lala enjoying MEE HITAM MAK MON. Mak Mon's warung is right in front of daddy's house and she has been selling this Mee Hitam for more than 20years. We will always buy this Mee Hitam Mak Mon everytime we went back to Kluang. We planned to take picture of her warung but well...perhaps next time.