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13 December 2010

Other stuffs from Philippines

Tomorrow kena bangun awal sebab flight esok. That means tonight will be full of bags and clothes and stuffs because mum asked me to pack tonight. Ucu will be here tomorrow.

Anyway, what present did Dad gave to Lala from Philippines?

Disney puzzles

And Barbie crayons.

What about Mell?

Soft toys from ToysRUs Philippines. Happy birthday song (the one yang ada tulis 'Happy Birthday'), laughing kid (the one that shows a happy face), "BOING!!" sound (blue stars) and the Big Band sounds like a funfair.

Anyway, this coming Thursday is mum's birthday so dad bought her a kitchen aid that she wanted ages ago. This week's cake is not as nyummy as the past ones because mum made the ganache using a different cooking chocolate.


08 December 2010

Presents from dad

On the night I went home (from LCCT, Sepang), Dad bought me 8 presents! (Sebenarnya 7 jer but yang 7th tu Yasmin mintak from Dad)

Harry Potter books! This is book 2. US cover.

US cover. Prisoner of Azkaban, third.

Goblet of Fire, forth

Order of the Phoenix, fifth

 Sixth, half-blood prince.

And last one.

Paper holder... as a bookmark

And I also got sunglasses!


Dad's trip to Philippines :")

Last Friday, 3rd December, dad went to Philippines with his 3 friends.

The airport:

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

The hotel siap ada fridge, television in front of bed and big cupboard (mengikut dad).

Television, dressing table (betul ke?), the cupboard.

The bed, armchair. And window.

The toilet and shower

Dad said a room with a tub in the bathroom is expensive. 

And around the hotel, there are many super, great shops!

Convenience Store there. In front of the store are tricycles. It's like a 'beca' but not with bicycle, motorcycle. And the nearest to the camera, the one like a mini bus, is a gepney.

Halal foods,

Redsea Restaurant, sells halal foods like..

kebab and..

Nasi Briyani :-) Nyummy

The street.


Handicraft store.


The TRIP :-)

I wanted to update this blog for Day III and the rest.. but malas sangat because broadband pun lembab. Nak masuk Facebook pun dah ambil masa 5 minutes to loading 1 page. Notifications lagi lah teruk. Jadi nyer, bosan lah jugak update blog without pictures kan.. he..he..

Post about Dad's trip to Philippines memang best.. Surprise for me is _________! Ho,ho,ho!

Kat Tanah Merah, mix.fm punya radio line dah okay. So, dalam kereta tu, sambil ke mana2, dapat lah dengar mix.fm.. Lagu kemagaran.. he..he.. Well, 1 day before we pergi T.Merah, Ucu called and asked us what we want (foods). So, I asked her to buy Oreo, KoKo Krunch, sausage, cheese and milk. But milk tu tinggal half box je but dah tak sempat minum. Koko Krunch pulak, Lala je yang makan. I don't know why Lala je yang makan Koko Krunch..

Cheese and sausage telah dikerjakan sampai jadi begini..

They were fried on my fist day there..

Ala2 sandwich ler.. 

Closer look :-) 

And Melly's toys masa we're there

Tumble ke Dumble benda ni.. 

I'll update after this for my birthday celebration and my present from Philippines.. My presents belum di'capture' lagi.. hehe..

03 December 2010

Kelantan... Day I and Day II

Day I

Alhamdulillah.. we are at Tanah Merah now! I'm using broadband sekarang ni.. Lembablah jugak but still daat connection internet. Tadi we gerak pukul 3.30pm.. sampai at 4.30pm. Ngam2 je! Maybe at 5.55pm lah flight. The thing is mum and Melly's seat tu asing dari Lala's and mine. So, mum mintaklah orang yang duduk tepi kita tukar seat but dia tak nak. At last, I took mum's seat at 4A! The weather was so cloudy tadi.. Asyik tembus awan je..

We samai taklah lewat pun.. went to Tok Uban dulu.. tahlil.. and then went home :-). Internet connection pakai broadband ni mmglah lembab yg amat!! But still OK.

Day II

Dina waked me just now.. hehe.. I already uploaded pictures to this laptop but I still can't insert image sbb internet connection lembab.. so tak terloading lah button "BROWSE" tu.. Grr.. nnt balik KL, barulah I can insert images :-(. I had nasi berlauk for lunch tadi.. Nyums!! Melly fount something new to eat.. jambu air!

At here, tak de channel.. Disney Channel, Playhouse Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. TVIQ adelah.. Just now, I watched Finger Tips @ TVIQ and layan je Hikayat Putera Shazlan @ Astro Ceria.. I hope ada Cake Boss ptang ni. Nasib Channel 707, TLC, ada kat kampung ni :-). AXN pun ade, so OK lah.

Dad pula already fly to Philippines! Sure best. I hope ada banyak choice at Toys'R'Us! Hari tu, we dah tengok AFRO HAT kat Toys'R'Us Phillippines Online.

I'll update again tomorrow if the internet connection is okay.

23 November 2010

Chocolates from Langkawi

Today, aunt went to Langkawi with few of her friends and relatives. She came to our house to give us chocolates from Langkawi. I still remember when I went to Langkawi few years ago. Bought a lot of chocolates :-). Aunt gave us 3 packets of Hershey's kisses, a box of Cadbury's milk chocolate, a box of Cadbury's milk & white chocolate and a packet of Daim chocolates. Memang banyak Daim chocolates at Langkawi.

The chocolates.. Nyummy! Our chocolates dah lama habis but asyik lupa pesan ke mum or dad if they go to Mydin.

And the tickets..

21 November 2010


This is my first Harry Potter, English language book. Before this, I just read BM language punya Harry Potter books. Baru 2 weeks habiskan Deathly Hallows punya book yang ini. BM punya dah complete (Yeay!!)!

Yesterday, dah tengok2 kat MPH Online. Pertang tu, gi MPH Summit dulu, but takder lah pulak 1st book. So, pergilah ke Subang Parade! At last ada jugak. Mula2 jumpa yg Adult Edition. After that baru jumpa yang Children Edition :-).

So, semalam dah kemas2 rak almari because dah takde tempat dah nak letak all my storybooks. So, I already tempatkan satu rak yang letak buku Harry Potter and fail sekolah yang kosong ;-)

19 November 2010

Activities for Hari Raya Haji

Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha Open-mouth smile! Sorry lah terlewat wish ye.. Semalam, I went to Summit USJ. Tengok HP7.. And hari raya haji pulak dah penat giles.

Aktiviti Raya Haji ;

Malam Raya Haji, dad sent Bibik to her relative’s house near our house. So, morning tu, mum cepat2 siapkan ganache for the chocolate cake and buat pulut kuning and rendang.

At 10am mcm tu, we all bertolak ke Seremban. Tahun ni nenek raya kat Seremban. Dalam perjalanan surelah baca buku kan.. Pukul 11, we all dah berada at dad’s sister’s house. Kat sana, ‘friendly’ Lala ni syok main clay/tanah liat hinggalah nenek pujuk her suruh makan. Lepas makan2 and beli mcm2 at kedai runcit, we went home.. at 3pm.. We reached home at 4pm. Cepat2 solat Zohor & Asar. After that, we went to Ikea.

Almondy Daim.. Dalam byk2 org kat Ikea ni, Yasmin sorang je yang beratur sambil capture sana sini Winking smile.

Tarts and muffins.. Nyumss! But sure tak habis if we took some..

Cantik kan dia design those prawns!            

Lala’s spaghetti and tomato sauce. 

Apple juice! Nyummy! Lama tak minum!

I don’t know what is this called but rasanya sedap giles!! Ada potato dia, very soft. Chicken dia pun nyummy!

Mell’s react at Ikea ;

Happy betul budak ni!

Ok byes!!

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