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31 July 2011

Charm Bracelets & Diva

Mom had wanted to buy us a charm bracelet for so long. Yesterday, while she was shopping for Melly's clothes in Empire, she found a shop that sells bracelets, chains etc. called Diva. All those stuffs are not made of gold.

So today, Mom, Lala, Melly, our maid and I went to Diva. Stuffs we bought:

Lala's butterfly necklace. The colour is so beautiful.

Lala's necklace that has letters. The letters are D, R, E, I, N, S. There should be a 'F' letter to make the word friends. Who knows where the 'F' letter had gone...

She bought 2, I bought 4 :D

My fruits bracelet. Kiwi, orange, strawberry, watermelon etc.

Muffin necklace. Nyumm!!

Jealous with Lala, I bought one too :)

Then, we bought 3 charm bracelets (not at Diva) for each of us -Lala, Melly and I.

Melly's. Aeroplane, heart, padlock, ice-cream & crown.

Lelahe's. Rabbit, Hello Kitty, ice-cream, butterfly, flower.

Mine. Heart, padlock, crown, flower & horse.

And I also bought......

My camera ring! Sooooooooo cool!

While we were shopping at Diva, I found a camera necklace. It makes sounds and light (as flash) and also there's a hole like a camera (hole instead of lense). I want it but Mum said "NO".

29 July 2011

Malaysia vs. Singapore

Yesterday, Dad went to Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch the match between Malaysia and Singapore.

The tickets.

Dad's friends before the match started.

They're so over enthusiastic.

Very enthusiastic.


17 July 2011

Lunch at Secret Recipe Sbg Parade

Selepas penat membeli belah baju raya eventhough raya lambat lagi ( puasa pun belum he..he..) We had lunch at SR. As usual we ate cakes and aussie beef steak and NOT so yummy lasagne.. Melly nak makan KFC...so we bought her fries and nugget.
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Subang Parade

Yesterday g Jusco IOI Mall kononnya nk beli seluar biasa n seluar sports utk sekolah. Tpi dpt 3 je seluar biasa, the rest semua leggings. Seluar sports pulak dh nk beli, baru perasan kotor..

Today nk g Subang Parade cari baju raya @ O'Kayce and seluar sports for me. For Lala, nk beli kasut baru and baju raya.
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16 July 2011


Mum's first post via BB. Today Yasmin went to watch Harry Potter with Lisa, Kak Yong, Abg Afiq & Kak Su..
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02 July 2011

1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia, BB, Putrajaya

Cehh, first time update using Blackberry tuhhhh! Mum got her BB few days sblm pergi Melaka. Anywayn today is Hari Sukan 1Malaysia! So pagi tadi, I went to my school. Ada Larian 1Malaysia. Boleh bawak parents & siblings and others, Lala nk pergi but dad tk kejut. I don't  want her to come too. I am one of the last ones yg sampai. biasalah org yg tk minat sukan ni. Lari tk sampai semeter dh sakit pinggang, kaki, kepala....

Sekarang ni ada kat Putrajaya, selepas sekian lama berehat, kita pergi Putrajaya. very beautiful, nice, fresh - apa2 je lah. skrg ni nk mkn Nasi Arab di Cyberjaya.

On the way, we stopped by the road to take pictures.

Putarajaya International Convenience Centre

Bus station at Kementrian Pelancongan.

Hotel by the road.

Then, we went to Kompleks Sukan Air. But since we didn't bring our swimsuits (bukannya nak swim pun), we didn't go into the complex. Anyway, by the complex, there's a big lake. Across the lake, there are buildings like Menara KBS, Jambatan Seri Wawasan etc.

Buildings, bridges, jetty.

We continued the trip by going to Taman Permainan Kompleks Sukan Air.

Towers from the playground.

Melly making friends.

Only an action, I didn't step on her. LOL.

Lala likes to roll on the grass. While rolling, she (I don't know how) made an action like Harry Potter in the trailer at 2:12!