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18 January 2009

IOI Mall Puchong

Last stop is Merry Go Round in IOI Mall Puchong... What a full day. It was a nice ride

Journey to Putrajaya

After Banting, we went to Putrajaya....

Dad's Former College

After the wedding , since we were so near to Banting, Dad decided to show Yas & Lala his former College Mara Banting.

Kenduri at Dengkil

Today we went to Dengkil to attend mummy's friend's wedding.

My friends and neighbours

This is another picture of Yasmin & Lala playing with Lee Kerk Wen and her sister Lee Ker Ler.

Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid

Yasmin , Ucu & Lala went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid on 4 Jan 2009...She just love ice skating but Lala is still too small to skate...Just a spectator....

Rollerblading With Ucu

Yasmin is now soooo into Friendster, Facebook and YM until she doesn't care much about her blog anymore...Biasa la..hangat2 taik ayam... So mummy have to take over..

She is now in Standard 2 Berani. SK Seafield

Here's a picture of Yasmin n Ucu playing rollerblade last few weeks..