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26 May 2013

Cousin's Wedding

YAY!!! Finally the holidays have arrived. For the first week, there's extra classes so we're not going anywhere except for kenduri!! Second week, we're going to Kelantan. Last time I went there was in March so that was a long time ago. Can't wait to see Tok Bah & the renovated kedai!!

Today we went to Seremban to attend my cousin, Rozana's wedding. We reached there at 9 am.

Just arrived.. Sibuk tengok Upin & Ipin dlm tab with cousins..

Dah bosan tengok Upin & Ipin..

 The perfect couple.

Hantaran - cupcakes, shoes, purse, fruits?, sejadah and others.

After eating.. again, Melly is watching Upin & Ipin with her cousin. Nampak sangat tak de aktiviti lain.. Tengok Upin je...


We left for home at 4pm (maybe?) and reached home at 6pm.

Tomorrow ada kelas tambahan so gotta go finish the pile of homework before it's too late!!