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11 March 2009

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

Masjid India Muslim in front of the bakery.

Buying chapati and Keema

Pantai Miami

The trip back home..taking the ferry back to the mainland...Bye penang...we will visit you again.....

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

Buying yummy Popia from a stall near the stadium.


Near Queensbay Mall..just enjoying the sea breeze

The famous Ismalia Bakery

The trishaw selling bread from the bakery..

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

This is The Place that Yasmin & Lala looooves..the most. She feels like she wanted to stay there forever.It was the Toys Museum and most importantly..it has the biggest StarWars collection one could ever imagine...

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

On the third day, we went to Butterfly Farm..This Butterfly Farm is sooooo much better than the one in Cameron Highland...

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

The ever friendly Lala...30mins at the restaurant, she already found a new friend . Her friend's name is Nora..

Yasmin and her Roti Canai..

2nd day dinner at Kapitan Restaurant. Mum had Claypot Lamb Briyani.

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

On the second day we went to Bukit Bendera.
This is the train that we have to ride to go up to Bukit Bendera

View from Bukit Bendera. It was very nice but Yasmin didn't like it. She said that this is the first and the last time she's going there. Well actually she hate the train ride...It was packed and we have to stand for the whole 30mins journey...and Lala insist to be carried by Dad..how tired...

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

This is MarVista Apmt. The view from the Apmt was breathtaking.

On the second day we went to The Snake Temple. Yasmin took picture with the snake but we do not have the scanner to upload it here.

Lala at Hotel Seri Malaysia Penang

Penang Trip 26Feb09-1March09

We went to Penang on 26 Feb 2009. This is dad's long awaited holiday. He's been talking abt going to Penang since last November but we went to Cameron instead. So mum book the "Maybank Bungalow- Mar Vista" (well actually it was mum's friend Kak Jai) helping her getting the bungalow. We started our journey on Thu the 26th (Yasmin skipped school for two days..he..he...). We arrived in Georgetown at abt 4pm and the first thing that Dad did was to find the Famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear. But Yas & Lala as usual la....eating roti canai....no matter how tempting the nasi kandar...

Walking around Little India

Mum's plate