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22 May 2011


Dad came back from Jakarta on Tuesday. Can't believe what he bought :D

- telekung (more than 10)
- nerd spectacles
- sunglasses ala2 Gucci
- DVD (ni pun more than 10)

Istiqlal Mosque, the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia.

Religious Affairs Ministry

Satay kambing..never heard sumthin' like that

Official Residence of President

Jakarta, like KL, is vulnerable to flash floods. Huge drainage is common around the city. Last 2 pic is men cleaning the city..

Pasar Tanah Abang

Telekung berwarna-warni..

Nyumm.. fruits! One of my fav: apples!

Strongest bank in Indonesia 

Designed bus station

Inside the bus

09 May 2011


The Lela

Cantik daa Ucu ambik! :D

05 May 2011

The 'Phuket' Thingy

few days ago, dad just came back from Phuket, Thailand. as always, Dad bought nothing but fridge magnets Nyah-Nyah (Dad bought tomyam paste too..). and apart from fridge magnets and tomyam paste, dad always bawak pictures  (wajib tuh) 

Phuket International Airport (pstt..boleh baca tk tulisan Thai tu? Winking smile)

Two of the most-super-duper-pictures dad took Winking smile. Anyway, it's somtam and 3-flavored fish.

 Jungceylon, the shopping mall

 These two are the only shopping mall pictures yang ada. well, there's 2 more, but rejeceted by the server Sad smile.

Nightlife scene along Bangla Road. 

Model ship 

Hard Rock Cafe, punya laa besar dia punya guitar! berapa tahun tu nak siapkan?

 Patong Beach

Butterfly Farm

Dad said this is the place where their monks or whatever live.

Muslim selling tomyam..dad beli tomyam paste kat sini lah mungkin..

Taxis along the street..

Siap ada McD & KFC tu.. (I just realized KFC lagi sedap than McD. It took 9 years for me :D)

 streets again..

ceh..siap ada Messi tu!


Yes! Akhirnya, siap jugak post nih!