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19 June 2011

Nenek's new place

just came back from Melaka - haha, laju kan?

Yesterday, my family and I balik Melaka, tengok nenek's new place. bertolak pada pukul 10am, sampai pada pukul 4pm -6 hours. first, pergi ke hospital because tertinggal bag susu Melly masa visit dad's uncle.


but his family dah bawa balik the bag, so singgahlah pulak rumahnya.. then, kita teruskan perjalanan..

Houses and buildings on the way to Malacca. We stopped at R&R Ayer Keroh. Wajiblah si Lala main buai kan? This time, Melly pun ikut sama xD.

Berani kan dia nk turun? But dia tk nk turun, dia nak NAIK.

One of Dad's best shots!

Mum bought a small box of strawberry milk. I drank half and the rest bagi kat Melly. terus dia bawak pergi jalan!

After that, dah tak stop lagi. dah sampai nenek's new place. the remainder of the day, kita rehat saja.. at night, Dad, Mum & Melly went to a place -I forgot the name of the place. ada banyak rumah/buildings yang penuh dgn lampu!

very creative!

the next day, we went to Jasin, visit Dad's sister. then we went back to Subang. matahari bersinar, so i took a couple of pictures

tried many focus and fount yang paling sesuai!

barulah it looks round and perfect :S

and then there's nothing but the dark sky

11 June 2011


a few days ago, mum, Lala and I went to the airport to pick up my grandma and aunt who had just returned from Mecca. we arrived when the plane had just landed. so we pusing2 the building while they pick up their luggage and others. we went to the food court.

 Mum and Lala in front of 'Food Garden'.

Lala and I.

 McDonald's. Didn't buy anything here.

On the way to Anjung Tinjau. 

Transfer Counter.

This is how Harrods looks like from the corridor to Anjung Tinjau.

Then, we reached Anjung Tinjau. I tried to take photos of Aero Train but terlepas daa. 

It is very dark.

Public phone. 

On the way back,

Souvenirs, I think so.

Another souvenir shop.

Then, we went to KFC.

On the way to KFC.

Ha! Kalau KFC, wajib beli!

Ada playground at KFC, so wajib Lala main while Mum beli makanan. 

I went in that aeroplane! It's an aeroplane without seats!

We ate our foods and burps..! Then Mum received a call from Ucu saying she & nenek had arrived at Gate 6! On the way,

Not sure what this is.


Souvenir shops.

No Ucu nor nenek from here.

If you look closely at the back there, you can see Ucu!