Harry Potter - Owl

31 January 2011

Well, well, well..just now, dad dah pun ambik gambar barang-barang from Phnom Penh.

Victoria's Secret perfumes, 2 new scents: Luscious Kisses & Wild Scarlet.

Made of cotton & silk.

Notepads. Cover..made of silk.

25 January 2011

Budget Traveler's Trip To Phnom Penh

Mr. Budget Traveler went to Phnom Penh on Thursday, 20th Jan.

10 January 2011

Aussie III - Tropical Fruit Farm & Carrara's Market

Carrara's Market and Tropical Fruit Farm.

They're so friendly :-) I'll continue tomorrow if I have the right mode. Zzzzzz SWEET DREAMS

Aussie II - Movie World

The weather at Aussie was bad. It rains all day long. At last one day, the weather was perfect! So, we went to Movie World on that day.

(Sangatlah malas nak tulis...Layan gambar je lah.. :P)

Everything @ Movie World :-)

(Kan I told you I'm so lazy today..hehe.. My school now, morning session :P)