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29 April 2011

Oh tidakk! :(

Well, mum made a pizza today. But since dad bought the DSLR, no one in this house ever charged other cameras. And dad pulak bawak DSLR ke Phuket (his flight pukul 4pm tdi..). Anyway, I charged my camera..Hope sempat ambik gamabr pizza or else..
Tak sempat ambik gambar pizza..but yesterday 5 of my friends came to my house Winking smile..nk buat project KT. adalah few pictures but I don't know lah camera ni terlalu banyak org guna ke apa, but today, the battery habis balik! Devil now tengah charge camera.. hope tkde masalah lagi! http://tracking.technodesignip.com/?action=count&projectid=642&contentid=6571&referrer=-&urlaction=r... 

27 April 2011

Original Velvet Cake :D

few days ago, mum made a velvet cake. not red velvet cake. (actually, original velvet cake)..teehee..it's just the same but without the coloring..

Original Velvet Cake..

and on the plane to Malaysia from Myanmar, dad bought an AirAsia airbus model..

Wrong focus :(

Nice one :)

An Air Asia airbus model 

21 April 2011

Long time no post :D

Yeah, well, dad just came back from Yangon, Myanmar 3 days ago....

Myanmar Water Festival

Monks at the middle of water festival celebration

Children having fun

Happy faces of Myanmar!

A well established mosque near Sule Pagoda

Independence Monument

Myanmar High Court

Manual sugar cane processing machine

Hawkers at train station

The Circular Train which passes through villages that surround Yangon. It takes 3 hours and ticket costs USD1.

Myanmar Port Authority building adjacent to Yangon River

Port of Yangon

Almost all of the vehicles in Yangon are in bad condition, especially taxis.

A town bus circling Yangon.

 Water cannon in action.

View of a street at Yangon outskirts.

Yangon Train Station.

Halal restaurants are easily found along Anwaratha Road

Chicken Briyani costs 1700Kyat. USD1=820Kyat

Yangon City Centre

Sule Pagoda, an important religious site at the city centre.