Harry Potter - Owl

12 July 2009

Adventure to Bukit Malawati

Today, my mother, my father, my sister, my grandpa and I went to a wedding. After the wedding, we went to Bukit Malawati.

First, we bought our tickets. Then, we waited for the train.
Hey! Thats the train. Now we're in the train.
We stoped at the Bukit Malawati's Muzeum. In front of the Muzeum, there's a lot of monkeys. We bought some long beans to feed them. The monkeys are very tame. After feeding them, we went to the Muzeum. It was very beautiful.
Monkeys.. (U..u..ak..ak..)

11 July 2009

My Sports Day

Today is our Sports Day. I'm so happy.
We gotta queue acording our sports team. Temenggung is Yellow, Syahbandar is Red, Bendahara is Blue and Laksamana is Green. I'm Temenggung.
We had to walk, so we could made a big circle.
Tired waiting.
The game begin to start. Better get ready and drink some water.
Yeh! Now it's my turn. That's my class teacher. (behind me)

That day is the best day in the world. I am so happy.

Delaila's Barbie

Last month my father, my sister, my aunt and I went to TOYS'R'US at SUBANG PARADE. We bought these toys.

This is a DANCE TEACHER set. Lala wants this set. Daddy bought this for her.
This is the things. Lala puts the comb there.
This is the dance teacher.

Yasmin's Barbie

This is a DR. VETERINAR set. I like this. My father bought this for me.
This is the doctor. I named it Dr. Teenar.

These are the animals. The monkey's name is Fant. The koala's name is Joy. The tiger's name is Cub.
This is an X-ray machine.

Adventure to Penang: Day 1: 26th of Feb 2009

Lama tak update blog. Dah berbulan- bulan.

We all go to GEORGTOWN. Cuba cari restoran nama NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR. Dahlah sesat jalan..... but, jumpalah jugak.
Ha! This is the NASI KANDAR. It's very delicious. I hope you all will taste it too. It's just at GEORGETOWN.
Ha! Masa nak balik jumpa kedai baju. Jadi belilah dua, one for me, one for Lala. Depan kedai tu, ada kerusi. So, duduklah.
Then we book hotel named HOTEL SRI MALAYSIA.